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4 12, Intel released a home appliance platforms and software solutions designed to help speed to market and ensure that figures such as IP

STB (IP-STB) and digital media recorders (DMR) and other CE devices to interoperate better. Intel continue to invest in efforts to design digital home can easily interoperate easily extensive computer family, household appliances (CE), mobile platforms and technologies.

Intel 854 Development Platform using the new Intel 854 chipset, with excellent scalability, applications and platforms can be used as high-performance home appliances building blocks. By the Intel 854 platform, appliance developers can calculate the Intel architecture and application flexibility, excellent processing performance of CE devices.

Intel Digital Home Group vice president and Consumer Electronics Division (CEG), general manager of Ge Linda? Dorchak said: "Intel's digital home vision to create an environment in which consumers can use at home each species can be easily interoperable communications and computer and network equipment, anytime, anywhere easy communication, teamwork and freedom to access what you need. Intel 854 platform and software solution enables CE developers to address many of the design and performance requirements, and provide consumers more advanced equipment, while helping to reduce overall system cost. "

Intel worked closely with CE developers worldwide, is committed to provide advanced performance appliances. These developers include: Yiruiyake (Eriya), Gigabyte (Gigabyte), HandanBroadInfoCom, Keith Hopen (Hopen), MediaExcel, Neusoft Group (Neusoft), OreganNetworks, Samsung, Tatung (Tatung), Thomson, and Toshiba .

Intel today also introduced the next generation of Intel's Digital Media Infrastructure middleware solution designed to help developers to the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) guidelines and the Intel Networked Media Product Requirements (Intel NMPR) to design products. To ensure that CE devices and Intel architecture to achieve seamless interoperability between platforms.

Intel Digital Media Infrastructure (Intel Digital Media Infrastructure) Third Edition is a scalable middleware solution platform for a variety of home appliances is fully optimized and validated. It is based on open industry specification basis, provides developers with turnkey network connectivity, device discovery and media content sharing solution in order to build the digital home appliance highly interoperable platform.

Ms. Dorchak said: "Interoperability is the digital home appliances, consumer broadband content, network and service key to growth. Today, Intel provides a flexible platform solution to enable developers to build interoperable products, to the number

Home Networking The seamless transfer and sharing of digital content. "

High-performance chipsets and development platform Scalable Intel 854 Development Platform reduces design complexity and provides video decoding and processing functions required for the performance of other software, so that appliance manufacturers can minimize the BOM and development, which in turn, would greatly simplify the hardware design and further reduce BOM cost.

Intel 854 chipset can support up to 2 GB of DDR 333MHz system memory, and can be used as a graphical user interface with integrated graphics engine, and support the Intel Celeron M processor 400 MHz system bus. 600 MHz frequency of the ultra-low voltage (ULV) Intel Celeron M processor offers high performance and low power consumption. Based on this processor and chipset platform will require only a passive (no fan) cooling solution. In addition to integrated 10/100 LAN support, the new chipset also features up to 6 ports and two UltraATA/100 USB2.0/1.1
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Intel To Build Interoperable Digital Home Appliance Platform - Intel's Digital Home, Digital

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Intel To Build Interoperable Digital Home Appliance Platform - Intel's Digital Home, Digital

This article was published on 2011/01/11