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Dynamic, electronic advertising is the quickest growing advertising sector and is not set to stop growing, this is owing to the many types of equipment out there. If you are a large corporation you could have enough money to acquire a video wall and install it the side of a building near a major road getting the maximum number of viewers. Reality is we just don’t have the money for this kind of solution so the likes of tanning salons, hair dressers and even high street clothing companies are looking at digital posters to publicize their goods.

A digital poster is a rather general term and covers both freestanding LCD marketing monitors as well as wall hanging monitors, the most inexpensive are the wall hanging units and these can easily be employed in any salon making it an instant talking point with consumers and employees alike.

LCD advertising display.
This kind of equipment includes an LCD display with a built in campaign player that holds the content locally on a memory card, in a lockable, secure section. What makes these innovative is that they can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, so if you plan on using a lot of film clips to promote your goods landscape orientation would be best for this, on the other hand if you are publicity hair products portrait could be your choice of how the images are shown.

Using this equipment it is easy to use promotional videos and pictures to use on your digital signage, for instance if you are a tanning salon you could offer and market skin enhancers so tans last longer etc and use the manufacturers advertising products to do this, (all you would have to do is drag n drop it from the  CD to the memory card, then pick how the content is featured.)

Floor standing LCD signage screens.
Akin to a digital poster, but free standing, these have an LCD panel built in to the body and are only available with the TV in portrait mode. The media is stored exactly as on a digital poster, using a storage card. These do take up lots of floor space as opposed to the electronic signage poster that can be hung in store windows and perfect for outlets in shopping centers and malls when people pass by they can see the full range of services and items you offer.

One of the advantages of floor standing promotional screens is that the body can be customized with the company decals, this will add to your brand and your buyers will then associate you with the leaders in your business industry.

One of the options built into the on screen menu for either technology is the facility to have scrolling text at the bottom of the monitor and this is simply accomplished by making an xml file using notepad and adding it to the memory card and using the menu call up the file and then decide on the size of the wording, the colour of the background and the color of the wording.

Max owns a leading supplier of a range of digital poster, these are available in sizes from 17″ to 80″, the digital poster are perfect for promtu marketing solutions.

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Digital poster For Efficient Digital Advertising

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This article was published on 2010/09/27