Digital Photography – What are the Different Types of Special Effects

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There are different types of special effects that you can achieve in digital photography. Some of these can be done using the digital camera while for the others; you need to make use of specialized digital software editing tools. Let us take a sneak peek at some of the interesting special effects that can enhance your digital pictures and images.

Most of the new age digital cameras come with settings for sepia tones and also for black and white photos. These can be used to achieve this effect but will not always produce the best quality images So if you are looking to get this effect for some great shots, then the best thing to do would be to shoot in color and then use the digital editor tool to make it sepia or black and white. You can also use software editing tools to remove unwanted objects from your digital photo. For example; if there is an awkward looking tree or building behind your image, then this can be wiped out using digital tools. The task is easy if the unwanted object has a mono-colored background behind it; all you need to do is spray paint over the object after sampling the background color.

But if the background is uneven, then removing the object which is unwanted can tend to get a little trickier. One easy thing you could do is to superimpose the image of the obscured object over the image that you want to remove. A second option would be to alter the photograph by removing the image pixel by pixel; this is quite tedious and you also need to be an expert to carry out this trick. Another common special effect that is used in digital photography is removal of red eyes and also correcting closed eyes. Now most amateur photographers end up getting red eyes and hence this special effect is probably the most commonly used one in digital shots. Most image editing tools come with red-eye reduction which actually means inserting natural colors in the place of the glowing red to get normal looking eyes.

You could also correct a person's closed eyes using tools but this one is quite difficult to achieve and requires an expert hand. What essentially needs to be done is to crop the person's open eyes from another image and then superimpose these on the closed ones. It might sound easy but getting the perfect fit is always a problem if you have just started using the tool. Another regularly employed special effect is changing the background of a picture and replacing it with any other of your choice. This way, you could take a photograph of you in your home and then digitally enhance it to look as if you are standing next to the Eiffel Tower.

Digital photography and software editing tools has bought with it a whole new approach to clicking pictures even for the amateur photographer.

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Digital Photography – What are the Different Types of Special Effects

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This article was published on 2011/08/25